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Fun, Beauty & Glamour Magic Spells How to change your eye color spell an ancient and handy spell to try for fun and excitement

A spell to Change your Eye Colour. Do you imagine yourself with Blue or Green or even Yellow Eyes? Try this Glamour spell and practice!

Annual Magical Guide to Full Moons Which are the Names of the Moons?

Annual Magical Guide to Full MoonsWhich are the Names of the Moons? Humans have always been dazzled by starring at the marvellous night-sky. Observing the miracle of creation makes us feel unique yet

Taxi cab and I might be extremely different and seemingly an odd pair but when we are together its.. magic. The universe turns upside down. :)

A tea arranged itself before her eyes, pouring through the air; sugar and milk swirled into cups. The result was a domestic arrangement layed for two. Mad Hatter’s Tea Party alice in wonderland