i could cry - the open concept, the pewter/grey/concrete earthiness, the mix of traditional and contemporary as seen through the hardwoods, stainless, backsplash, furnishings and natural light ... it's so simple but so interesting and welcoming.  i love everything about this

The layout perfect. Not my style but like Kitchen with open floor plan to living room - interior design, sustainability, Mountain Park : Linda McDougald Design

Very refreshing. Nice for beach house. Justine Hugh-Jones Design

Modern kitchen with an industrial touch. Justine Hugh-Jones Design - love the concrete countertop and schoolhouse light fixtures

side backsplash, yes or no; reclaimed wood shelves

The Side Backsplash Dilemma: Should You Have One, Or No?

Digging the reclaimed wood plus modern cabinets. Reclaimed island countertops would be cool. (Urban Galley Kitchen in Eichler House, White Cabinets and Floating Shelves made from Reclaimed Wood

Shades of grey | desiretoinspire.net

Recreate this look with the virtually identical Dekton Strato or Keon benchtop finishes. Dekton provides the same look, plus the added benefits of a heat proof, UV stable, antivandal, scratch thermal shock resistance

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