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Amish Puzzle Ball – The second one Caron Cakes, Single Crochet, Yarns, Mauve, Two By Two, Puzzle, Winter Hats, Join, Australia

Amish Puzzle Ball – The second one

As promised, this is the second puzzle ball made from the same Caron Cake as the previous post. There was not enough blue yarn left to use, so this just uses the mauve, brown, green and cream yarns. The brown was also running very low, so rather than using single crochet to join the…

IMG_7970 Clothes Pegs, Satchel, Australia, Pocket, Bags, Design, Handbags, Taschen, Purse

Satchel o’fae

For the toddler (or pre-schooler) who has managed to befriend their very own clan of rainbow pixies. This satchel will keep them warm at night with seven individual sleeping bags especially designed for holding clothespeg pixies. There is also a large main compartment and two pockets for putting all of those essential items into (that…

Amish puzzle ball Pretty Cool, How To Look Pretty, Amish, Puzzle, Cool Stuff, Crochet, Pattern, Baby, Design

Crocheted Amish puzzle ball

(Designed by Petra Sosa) Last week I came across a pattern for an Amish puzzle ball. It looked pretty awesome, but it was not a functional puzzle ball. To be honest, I cannot see the point if it is not going to be functional, so I did some hunting and came across a nice video…

Australian Rainbow Pixies Purple, Pink, Blue, Pixies, Design Process, Wooden Toys, Rainbow, Illustration, Red

Rainbow Pixies & Clothespegs: Design Process

It has been raining since last night and there is not a single rainbow in sight. At least not outside... On my desk, however, I have a good half-and-a-bit of a rainbow, and just need the rest of it to arrive. So far I have Red, Yellow, Blue and Orange. Pink, Purple and Green are…

Something Looming Dizzy sheep Ceramic Oil Burner, Drop Spindle, Jam Jar, Jar Lids, Weaving Techniques, Arts And Crafts Supplies, Cut Glass, Go Shopping, Sheep

Something Looming 03: Dizzy sheep

Everything is in a bit of a spin. Or maybe I am. It's hard to tell sometimes. Last week I was reading Syne Mitchell's Inventive Weaving on a Little Loom and got to the chapters on weaving techniques using art yarn and singles and got majorly distracted ... um, creative. Yes, creative. I thought about…

Something Looming: 02 – Chenille Scarf Snuggle Blanket, Lap Blanket, Thread Up, Keep It To Yourself, Graph Paper, Crochet Squares, Clothes Horse, Snuggles, Sheep

Something Looming: 02 – Chenille Scarf

Disclaimer: this post ended up being a lot longer than I intended. If you just want to see the results, skip straight to the end. If you're curious about process and what I did wrong, keep reading. About five years ago I bought some Sean Sheep baby chenille and started crocheting squares to make into…

100 Day Project: Day 19 Yarn Bag, 100th Day, Weekend Is Over, The 100, Colours, Blanket, Detail, Crochet, Projects

100 Day Project: Day 19

I love the colours in this square, unfortunately, it has ended up being too big, so I'm going to have to rethink this one. Not tonight, though! It's very late, so I will add the details tomorrow. So what do you do with a square block that you've worked too hard on, and which looks…

One of the things I like most about crochet is that it is inherintly textural. Even when you do not use one of the more “textural” stitches, such as popcorns or puffs, crochet has textu… Satchel, Felt, Texture, Stitch, Crochet, Design, Surface Finish, Felting, Full Stop

Changing Textures: felted crochet satchels

One of the things I like most about crochet is that it is inherintly textural. Even when you do not use one of the more “textural” stitches, such as popcorns or puffs, crochet has textu…

Jack the Bandicoot Easter Eggs, Design, Design Comics

Jack the Bandicoot

As promised, this my brief post on how Jack came to be. Eastern Barred Bandicoot Jack is an Eastern Barred Bandicoot (Perameles gunnii). The Eastern Barred Bandicoot is endangered in Mainland Australia and considered vulnerable in Tasmania. In Victoria it is extinct in the wild with populations limited to a small number of reserves. You…

Wood blanks Eggs, Wood, Design, Woodwind Instrument, Egg, Timber Wood, Wood Planks, Trees, Design Comics

Small things: Eggs, Lilliputians & Pygmy Possums

I feel like Gulliver. My first orders of wood blanks arrived this week and the tallest of the doll blanks are the same length as my thumb, and I have small, small hands! The eggs are bigger than some of my people and they cannot be more than half the size of an average chook…