Wombat Stew: Ideas for different uses of the book across other subjects (english, art, science, technology).

Half of the fun of this book is in singing the songs that the dingo sings as he tries to make wombat stew. Your kids will love the way the other animals trick dingo into making a horrible stew that saves the wombat.

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what makes a classroom family? Can go along with lesson for 'Pumpkin Soup' during the fall. "Ingredients for a loyal friend" or "ingredients for a cooperative classroom". Vocabulary for lesson: loyal, cooperate

Describing words, writing and pic for stew inspired by Wombat Stew

Describing words, writing and pic for stew inspired by Wombat Stew

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After reading Wombat Stew we made our own wombat stew to eat (Kid Stew) and compare it to wombat stew. We drew a picture of the wombat stew and made a wombat craft to go with it.Included is the pot te

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What's a wombat? If you've got a kid learning life science, give her a fun introduction to animals with these wombat facts.

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A book a week: Wombat Stew by M Vaughan.Read the book daily for a week and complete a activity a day - oh so simple!Activities Pre-Reading Words a list of story words. Sequencing students cut and sequence story events Match-up/Sequencing