Love the different blondes in her hair:

This light ash blonde look could be great for any formal event. Just create some outward curls on the tips while keeping your hair insanely straight at the top.

♡Breakfast at Chloe's♡

“LOVE my hair cut, coloured and styled today at my absolute favourite salon looks so healthy!

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Julia styles a faux fur jacket on a bike ride around Charleston and shares how to add a hint of color to a winter look. Here are her top picks for faux fur.

35 Fetching Hairstyles for Straight Hair to Sport This Season

Wavy Ponytail For hair that’s straight, it’s easy to add curls or waves. One of the simplest and most elegant styles for straight hair is a well-known ponytail, but it’s best to make it interesting – for example, with a wrap knot and a few soft waves.

Featured Hairstyle: Ulyana Aster; Wedding hairstyle idea.

Ulyana Aster Wedding Hairstyle Inspiration

Ulyana Aster very popular among wedding, bridal specially about Long wedding hairstyle, Ulyana Aster Wedding Hairstyle Inspiration is really unique and awesome result. We already curated Wedding U…