Australian Aboriginal with his wind instrument; a Didgeridoo. It is blown into making assorted drone sounds. Very essential in many Aboriginal ceremonies.

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Australian Aborigine

How strikingly beautiful! About of people from Melanesia, a group of islands northeast of Australia, have naturally blonde hair — the highest prevalence outside Europe. Yet people from the region have the darkest skin pigmentation outside Africa.

Aboriginal elder

Aboriginal remains handed over in Scotland

Major Sumner of the Ngarrindjeri Aboriginal people performs a smoking ceremony in Edinburgh, Scotland, before the six skulls and a woman's ear bone left for Australia in

Australian Aboriginal People | Aboriginal Australian

Aboriginal People ~ who live in the land down under; land is called Australia.

Aboriginal nose.

This month the International Whaling Commission meets to decide if the global moratorium on commercial whaling remains in effect.

Arnhem Land Northern Territory Australia Aboriginal First People Circa 1920

The Black Wars 1824 - 1831 . A shameful time in Australia's history . The Palawu people died , or were sent to places like Flinders Island .