Loose parts

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an assortment of rocks and shells on display in a store window with pictures hanging from the shelves
Atividades e Materiais de Educação | Educlub
a table topped with lots of different types of wooden items and baskets on top of it
A Recipe For Wonder (@wonderstaples) / Twitter
a wooden shelf filled with lots of different types of items on top of green carpet
two boys sitting at a table with beads on it
Elementary School | Mid-Pacific
Create and Learn with drawing on a mirror with a dry erase marker Art With Mirrors, Fantastic Drawing, Creativity Drawing, Motor Art, Drawing Activity, Happy Hooligans
Toddler Art with with Mirrors and Dry Erase Markers
Create and Learn with drawing on a mirror with a dry erase marker
many different types of buttons and other items
@juniorengineerslpk on Instagram: “Which kit will you put out during the first week of school for your students to explore?…”
there are many pictures of different items on the table and one is made out of buttons
Me! Me! Me! - Stimulating Learning
Transient art faces - from Rachel (",)
a wooden table topped with paper cut outs filled with different types of crafts and materials
Small wooden bowls and boxes are ideal for storing loose parts. #tracing #looseparts #patterns #bowls #educatingkids #investigate…
two wooden trays with flowers and leaves on them, one has a magnifying glass
We love exploring natural materials with magnifying glasses. I did post this earlier this year but I thought I'll post it again as it's not long until we find beautiful autumn leaves! So don't forget to start collecting them on your way to work ;) #kindergarten #invitationtoplay #earlyyearsideas #ece #earlyyears #reggioemilia #reggioinspired #earlylearning101
a wooden tray filled with rocks and sticks next to a sign that says i can make a buy
Use the #looseparts and bug #sillouette cards to make a #bug #reggioinspired #earlyyears #emergentcurriculum #iteachk
the collage shows several different rocks stacked on top of each other with words balance art
balance, pattern, rhythm and awe
this kindergarten life: balance, pattern, rhythm and awe