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some pink and purple flowers sitting on top of a wooden table next to rock formations
three paper flowers in a white vase on a table top with speckled wall behind them
Roses of Unicofil by UniCoFil
Flower, sepals and stem with leaves print individually. Then simply plug them together. Flowering and sepals print without support structures, stem with leaves with support. Most flowers are printed with multicolor filament rainbow soft or with red-orange-yellow by UniCoFil. The blue-green vase is printed with two colored filament PLA Blue-Green. No filament change is required, simply insert multi-color filament and print.
3D printed chopstick helper. 3 D Printer Projects, 3d Printed Stuff, Modele Impression 3d, 3d Printed Gifts, 3d Printing Ideas, 3d Printing Toys, Useful 3d Prints
HOME | Mizu Laboratory, 3D printed, assistive devices, self-help, elderly, arthritis, disabled, inclusive design, ミズラボラトリ, 自助具
3D printed chopstick helper.
a blue ring sitting on top of a tiled floor
Swan Neck Ring Splint - Tapered and Lengthed by pwapwap
three painted baby dragon figurines sitting on top of a pile of rocks and gravel
Surprise Egg With Baby Dragon, crystal, Rose, Winged Serpent & Winter, 3d Printed Articulated Fidget Toy, Mothers Day Gift - Etsy
four different types of toy figures on a white surface with blue and gray ones in the middle
Wip: Tiny articulated bot by BQEducacion
someone is holding a tiny ring with an octopus on it's thumb and pointing to the side
This very small, 3D printed octopus
six different types of filigrees on a white surface with black and gold filigrees
Can You 3d Print Dice Molds?
a hand is holding some black balls on a white surface and the ball has been made out of paper
Easter Eggs by Antonin_Nosek