j'y vais ou pas ? ça bouge, c'est chouette, mais j'ai un peu peur...

A series of images that reflect everyday life in our times throughout the year (according to me). None of these images are of my property unless noticed.

This has to be the best Christmas cat collar ever, and it really suits this beautiful snow white cat


A fluffy black cat is the perfect autumn companion. Plus, black and orange are the perfect autumn combination.

Attack of the fallen Autumn leaves

Fall Inspired Desktop Backgrounds

Black cat about to pounce in autumn leaves. “Autumn wins you best by this its mute appeal to sympathy for its decay,” ~ quote by Robert Browning.

32 Perfectly Fluffy Pets That Will Make Your Heart Burst With Joy

Chubby cat cheeks ( I want to gobble this thing up,,so freakin cute!


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