Hanger Tea Assignment 1: It is a unique take on tea bags, usable, and humorous. The packaging is simple and also follows the narrative.

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Hanger Tea Assignment I love the concept of this. It is a unique take on tea bags, usable, and humorous. Simple and efficient!

PAOS Premium Soap (Student Project)

PAOS Premium Soap (Student Project)

Packaging//pulling texture from the product incredible inspiration for textures PAOS Premium Soap (Student Project)

This is an interesting pasta packaging design. Making the hair of the girl transparently on the package, the different type of pasta/spaghetti within the shape of the hair shows different hair style. From the feedback, the second one is never the customers' favorite due to the uncomfortable 'hair'.

These playful pasta packages make noodles look like all types of hair. Moscow-based designer Nikita Konkin has made it hard to see any other box of pasta on the shelves with this clever design concept.

大人のための本格派フレンチクレープ店「gelato pique cafe creperie」が「gelato pique なんばマルイ店」に併設してオープン!

大人のための本格派フレンチクレープ店「gelato pique cafe creperie」が「gelato pique なんばマルイ店」に併設してオープン!

Brown paper packaging with simple branding

idea: adopt a design with a surface feel Pretty and organic design, and again…pastel colours are beautiful / Student Work - Kate Mikutowski - Lovely Package

Creative Agency: Studio Chapeaux Creative Direction: Nils R. Zimmermann Lettering: Malte Schweers Photography: Florian Grill Postprodu...

Le Jeune

Branding & packaging for Le Jeune Chocolatiers, a London-based maker of handmade chocolates. The designs match the chocolate creations so perfectly!

Saved by Brendon O'Dwyer on Designspiration. Discover more Packaging Product Form Design inspiration.

Water, Malt, Hops and Yeast Designed by Simon Ålander This organic beer packaging just screams simple and pure. It’s a student project, but I have no doubt that today’s eco-conscious beer drinkers would have this one flying off the shelf.

SearchSystem™ : Photo

Trebleseven / University of Leeds / Yorkshire Fashion Archive / Packaging / 2011