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a hand holding a small blue gummy bear in front of candy candies on a table
D.I.Y: How To Colour Your Hot Glue :D
an assortment of decorative items displayed in a silver frame on a table with gold trim around the edges
Hot Glue Melts using silicon molds
a button with a fleur de lis on it sitting on a lace tablecloth
Fleur De Lis Mold French Silicone Mould PMC Resin Clay Candy | Etsy
Fleur de Lis Mold French Silicone Mould PMC Resin by WhysperFairy, $3.95
a sculpture of a woman with pearls and beads on her head, wearing a dress
Themes and Variations
20th c. Janine Janet bust, made from plaster and seashells.
a white bust with shells and flowers on it
Christa's South Seashells
Christa South Seashells: cadres, bustes, masques et objets d'art variés créés à partir de coquillages. Situé en Floride du Sud.
a statue made out of seashells and shells with a woman's head in the center
Seashell Bust Statue
a woman's head with shells and seashells on it
Mannequin head with seashells art - wow!
an altered photograph of a woman's face surrounded by shells and seashells
Untitled Document
Sea Song Shadow Box by Creager Studios
Gallery Mask Wall, Leather Mask, Spirit Dolls, Carnival Masks, Face Art, Fabric Art
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a blue scarf hanging on the side of a bamboo wall
powertex bottle
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a head with flowers on it and a scarf around its neck is shown in the shape of a woman's head
powertex frames
Resultado de imagen de powertex wall plaques
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