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McLeod's Daughters - Kate Manfredi, Jodi Fountain McLeod, Alex Ryan and Stevie Hall at the wedding of Nick Ryan and Tess McLeod

McLeod’s Daughters- Alex and Stevie Tie The Knot!

McLeod’s Daughters- Alex and Stevie Tie The Knot!

On McLeods Daughters, Stevie wore a very unusual white bridal gown with purple inserts which was designed by Jenny Miles and made by Caleche Bridal Centre

McLeod's Daughters - All the seasons!

Wallpaper and background photos of Season 8 ! for fans of McLeod's Daughters images.


About a 'cattle station' (aka: ranch, horses, sheep, etc.) "Drover's Run' in the outback of South Australia. Seasons 1 were really good on Netflix (over 20 episodes to a season!

Lisa Chappell (TV Star), she is best known for playing Claire McLeod on the Nine Network drama series McLeod's Daughters (Australian based TV hit series). Born in Auckland, New Zealand.

Fabulously talented lady who can sing and act--also gorgeous. Lisa Chappel played Claire in the first three seasons of McCleod's Daughters.

Kingsford Homestead (the set for the television series McLeod's Daughters [2001-2009]), near Gawler, South Australia. (

Drovers Run: The refurbished Kingsford Homestead, where McLeod's Daughters was filmed.

McLeod's Daughters

McLeod's Daughters - the original five - Becky, Claire, Tess, Meg and Jodi