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Every time you stay out late, sleep in, miss a work out, don't give you make it that much easier to me to beat you.

#Australia vs #New_Zealand - #Netball - women in sport

Constellation Cup victory for Australia

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love...learning real teamwork, not always what we "want to do" but what is right for our kids and for us

Funny pictures about African Proverb. Oh, and cool pics about African Proverb. Also, African Proverb.

Netball another one of my hobbies :p

Have fun through Netball drills Netball drills is a good game which is liked by many players. Netball drills involves the use of ball among many players. Netball drills is a unique game which provides.

Inspiration for our team. We can make it this year! We just gotta work as a team and believe

- Michael Jordan quote: "Talent wins games but teamwork and intelligence win championships." Although he's a basketball player, this goes for any sport.

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Both my girls played from the age of for up to 10 years. Now my Granddaughters play.

Love this saying!   ;) allison hamilton please use this! Always been one if my favorites

Going for the Volleyball GOld BaLL Championship tonight.with the greatest bunch of boys! Go Chargers

NZ Netballer Irene van Dyke...the reason I like netball

Irene Van Dyk in New Zealand v Australia: Game Three

NZ Silver Fern Irene van Dyke attempting a shot with a defender behind her.