Beautiful Fairytale Cottages: Did you ever imagine to actually live inside such fairytale cottages? Or the cottages that were inspired from the fairytales?

Maldive Islands

This is a tropical paradise with tiny islands scattered along the Indian Ocean. The swaying palm trees and azure waters make the Maldives an idyllic place to hold a lavish honeymoon.

Devils Tower, Wyoming

Devil's Tower, Wyoming Devil’s Tower in northeastern Wyoming lies in the Black Hills. It is probably most famous for the part it played in Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Monument Valley

Arizona/Utah - Monument Valley is a region of the Colorado Plateau characterized by a cluster of vast sandstone buttes, the largest reaching ft above the valley floor. It is located on the Arizona-Utah state line near the Four Corners area.

Monument Valley

Monument Valley 2 - Monument Valley - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Monument Valley...

re-worked jpeg shot from Monument Valley, the sky was rather gray feature less clouds.

Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole Sotheby's International Realty offers some of the finest and most unique Real Estate Homes for Sale throughout the Town of Jackson, Teton Village,Wilson, Teton Valley, ID.

Somewhere near Broome

North of Broome, Cape Leveque is one of the most stunning landscapes. It's just a small beach settlement where the red cliffs meet the pure white sands and then the clear clear aqua blue of the Indian Ocean.



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