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Clothespin Airplanes {Party Favors} - Create Craft Love
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Clothespin Airplanes {Party Favors} - Create Craft Love

Reed just turned three over the weekend! {tear} Where does the time go? Ever since we went on the "hairplane with PaPa" this summer {yes, that's how he pronounces it}, Reed has been talking about an

20+ Airplane Activities for Kids
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21+ Awesome Airplane Activities

MAKING planes, ideas for PRETEND PLAY, airplane related ARTS & CRAFTS, TRAVELLING tips for taking kids on planes, themed LEARNING ideas, and PARTY ideas!

Mini Staple Cessna-172

Mini Staple Cessna-172

Mini Staple Cessna-172: This Instructable is a thank you for all those who liked the Staple Sailplane and were looking for something a little more challenging. Many pilots will tell you that the planes they remember the most are the ones they first learned in. Because of t…

Mini-Ornithopter Prototypes
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Mini-Ornithopter Prototypes

Mini-Ornithopter Prototypes: Somewhere around 1996 I got caught up in that Magic: the Gathering card game that was going around like the flu. One of the cards, the Ornithopter, had a picture of a set of wings made from sticks and cloth that I found facisnating. I haven't played…

Step 0: How To Make The SkyRanger Paper Airplane

How to Make the SkyRanger Paper Airplane

How to Make the SkyRanger Paper Airplane: Fast, long range and small, the SkyRanger is a tiny "drone-cruiser" paper airplane that flies like a fighter. Designed to complement the larger Super StratoBolt, the SkyRanger is a miniature aircraft similarly capable of rocketing long distances. T…

canon remote camera hack

Canon Remote Shutter for R/C

Canon Remote Shutter for R/C: This instructable details how to remotely take a photo/video with a Canon camera using an Arduino, a remote control transmitter and receiver. I have a quadcopter running arducopter 2.8.something. At the time of writing this instructable, remote shu…

The Arizona desert is a natural selection to house for the Air Force's only aircraft "boneyard" due to the lack of rust and metal deterioration with the lack of humidity in the desert.
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THE BONEYARD: Where Air Force Birds Go To Die

The service doesn't just retire people.