Albert Namatjira

Albert Namatjira and his wife Rubina, Macdonnell Ranges, Northern Territory, printed by Axel Poignant :: The Collection :: Art Gallery NSW

Miller Mack, one of 1st Indigenous Australians to serve in WWI Indigenous Australians not allowed to sign up (they were not legally allowed to wear Australian military uniform until 1949, when they officially became citizens). Many managed to circumvent restrictions - claimed Maori or Indian ancestry in order to do so. As many as 1,000 served in the war. At least 11 Aboriginal men were killed at Gallipoli 21 survived the campaign.

"Our invisible compatriots. Nice one Cara." KB Miller Mack was one of the first Indigenous Australians to fight in the First World War. He was one of at least according to Gary Oakley.

Australian Aborigines | Stolen Futures: Australia’s Aboriginal people reject racist laws ...

Stolen Futures: Australia’s Aboriginal people reject racist laws‏

The attitude to the First Australians by the British colonisers was 'They're gonna die out anyway.' It was a Darwinian belief based on the superiority of the white race. Some South African apartheid policies were adapted from early Australian practices.

Lest we forget..indigineous soldiers fought for our country at a time when our government did not acknowledge them as citizens or allow them to vote. We will remember them.

Aboriginal Platoon December 1940 Number 9 Camp, Wangaratta photographer unknown Reproduced courtesy of the Australian War Memorial

David Unaipon, Australian Aboriginal writer and inventor, late 1920s.

David Unaipon (born David Ngunaitponi) September 1872 – 7 February was a well-known Indigenous Australian of the Ngarrindjeri people, a preacher, inventor and writer.

The aboriginals in the north of australia have a kind of burial where the corps is laid on a wooden platform, covered in plants and leaves, so the corps can rot. Then, the bones which are left are painted red, and are either put in a dead tree, carried around by relatives, or put in some kind of shelter

Haunted Yorkshire - 10 Bizarre Death Rituals - This site is for people who are interested in ghosts and paranormal activity in and around the Yorkshire area.

A man who probably did more than anyone to show the world the beauty of Australia's outback - Albert Namatjira. 1954.

ALBERT NAMATJIRA - Indigenous Australian artist Albert Namatjira is arguably Australia's best known Aboriginal painter. What a remarkable legacy.


The Tasmanian genocide

Truganini, often considered to be the last "full blood" Tasmanian Aboriginal woman, who survived British conflict and disease.

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