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Dance. The only way to express myself without complicated words.The only thing in my head as I dance are to point my toes❤️Please help me get 100 followers😆
Chanelle Young
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So true

Teenager Post ~ Shoutout to the kid that whispers the answer to you when the teacher calls on you but you weren't paying attention. ☮ <<< I AM that kid who whispers the answer

Teenager Post #11983 - When you mess up a guy's hair, he thinks it's cute, but when you mess up a girl's hair, just hope you're wearing something bulletproof. ~ Hahaha! Very true! Don't mess with my hair or tickle me.

Something bulletproof won't help you<< I my friend group it's he opposite. If you mess up a girl's hair, we don't even give a fuck. When you mess up the guys' hair, (especially Jackson's) make sure you have a bomb shelter