Charchar Tootiepie

Charchar Tootiepie

Charchar Tootiepie
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Tell the world I'm coming home, Let the rain hit my face, An wash away all the pain, cuz In the end one by one, Two by two eventually its me against YOU.

I just randomly wrote this poem thingy and it represented Jeff so much... I love creepypasta

I believe that Jeff kills people with the idea that he saves them from this cruel world

Jeff the killer

why would u want to hurt me Jeff i thought we were cool:( Jeff: we r idk why u think im going to hurt you :)


They don't even give me nightmares. Creepypasta is good for you!<---Schmew: Slendy is love Slendy is life. jkjk XD I love all creepypastas~ ♡>>>they don't give me nightmares, but they do keep me up at nigh.


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