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Charlize Moloney
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I'm actually crying...why would you do this ti meeeeeeeeeeee nuuu my precious gay babies....whyyyyyy

Why read this if you could just stab yourself 37 times in the heart and it would feel the same way

These parallels are trying to kill me. I didn't need my heart>>> Well who has one after that season finally my was gone a long time ago broken into thousands of peices

Spoilers for 8x23: Sacrifice. "Angels are falling" ~EspadaDina on deviantART

Spoilers for Sacrifice. "Angels are falling" ~EspadaDina on deviantART O.o *whispers* Scorched wings Please comment below if you know the feels associated with 'scorched wings'

Supernatural tumblr hijack - Google Search

"You've been Garthed" I didn't think I could love him anymore, but I do. Where's my Supernatural spinoff starring him?