Flying Doctors Prescription Love

Kizzi Sallas hates being beholden to her corrupt parents.becoming a nurse for the flying doctors is her way out. At all costs people can never know who she really is. Falling for her handsome boss wasn’t in the game plan. Dr Ethan Vaughn is a broken man; perhaps one day there will be a girl who would melt his frozen heart. First he has to trust, especially when the one he falls for bears the Sallas name. The very people that destroyed his family, and his life.
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Royal Flying Doctors Service, Covering medical emergencies in outback Australia.

opal Mining 2

Rare Pineapple Opal (Photo by Otto Rogge)

Dr Ethan Vaughn

The result of Darius’s appearance-improvement plan, and a method for systematically raising the bar on your looks.


Pineapple opals or opal pseudomorphs are found only at White Cliffs opal field.

Under Ground Hotel

White Cliffs : The Australian Town Where People Live Underground

Kizzi Sallas

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