Australia’s ‘Big Things’

The Giant Koala, is between the Victorian towns of Stawell Horsham at a small town called Dadswells Bridge. Dadswells Bridge is regarded as the gateway to the Grampians Ranges.

website dedicated to BIG things around australia - there are hundreds! My fav, the big BIG gulp

Lemonade, iced tea or a Slurpee-it's National Refreshment Day. When "The Heat Is On" an iced cold refreshment can cool you down-so enjoy one!

Big Merino Sheep In Goulburn NSW, Australia

Big Concrete Sheep In Goulburn, Australia (The Big Merino) I've been inside this sheep. It is a hoot.

The Big Wine Cask, Burronga, NSW, Australia.

THE Big Cask at Buronga will disappear on Monday in a “rebranding” effort by owner Accolade Wines.

The big sapphire is located in Sapphire a town in Queensland. Situated in a region called the Gemfields, sapphires are mined extensively in the area. At the 2006 census, Sapphire had a population of 550.

The big sapphire is located in Sapphire,Queensland,in a region called the Gemfields ;sapphires are mined extensively in the area.Sapphire population of