How to Pitch a Baseball

Pitch a Baseball

How to pitch a baseball - great illustration on how to swerve, slurve, curve, and knuckle. Bennet already knows this. For people that don't know their pitches

Ability may get you to the top, but it takes character to keep you there.

Sports Quotes / #johnwooden #sportsquotes

Remembering Muhammad Ali

Im So Mean I Make Medicine Sick - Muhammad Ali – Free Online Memorials - History Tributes - Tribupedia

Atlanta Braves outfielder Hank Aaron and Ali in Los Angeles, 1969

Happy Birthday, Muhammad Ali: 70 Iconic Images for 70 Years

Muhammad Ali Turns 70 Pictures of the Greatest Boxer - LightBox

I don't watch soccer but I would watch him! Ahaha ;)

Becks you wiill forever be my hero and fav futbol player in this lifetime and the next ♥ Real Madrid

Why I Love Australian Football - Imgur

Why I Love Australian Football

Soccer Players Pretend They're Hurt. AFL Players Pretend They Aren't.~ that's Aussie rules football.

Jackie Mitchell the only woman to strike out Babe Ruth AND Lou Gehrigh, after doing so she had her contract voided. April 2, 1931.

35 Odd Baseball Facts That Are Too Strange To Be Made Up Jackie Mitchell, a 17 year old female AA pitcher, struck out Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig in succession in an exhibition game.

Football is...

Playing High School Football o Friday Nights and College Football on Saturdays was an incredible high and something I will never forget. I hope you have those same experiences.


Baseball quote from Baseballism . This would be more meaningful if our league let us put names on the back of their shirts .


Muhammad Ali vs Sonny Liston by Neil Leifer. One of the most Iconic photos of all time. A young Ali shouting at Sonny Liston after knocking him down in the first round.