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Cheka Monique

So I like stuff. Kpop stuff. K-C-T-J-Drama Stuff. Fandom Stuff. Life stuff. Funny stuff. Interesting Stuff. More Asian stuff. So, yeah, I like stuff.
Cheka Monique
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Social anxiety problems. This me constantly..and it sucks because when I do, do this people think im rude or not interested in accompanying them...

Social Anxiety Thing Checking your cell phone whenever you are alone or with other people because you don't know what to do with your hands.


aka when i started crying one morning because basketball trials like a bloody lunatic<<Aka when I started crying because my friend rose their hand to give me a high-five and I thought they were going to slap me.

good to know im not the only one. Especially smacking and kissing, THOSE ARE THE WORST SOUNDS EVER

Does anyone else with anxiety get that thing where you just want everything to be quiet and when it's not, you just get really agitated and people's voices just start driving you insane? Yes it's called sensory overload.

Jongdae (Chen) - EXO.

Sweet angel Jongdae ♥️<<<<< I'm crying? This is the purest thing I'll ever see in my life,along with Hobi's dimple smile,don't touch me,I'm soft!

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