The Great Ocean Road in Australia.

The Great Ocean Road- Australia, 151 miles of road between the Victorian cities of Torquary and Warrnambool. Built by returned soldiers between 1919 and it is the world's largest war memorial, dedicated to casualties of WWI.

Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia - fireworks over the Sydney Opera House

Hardware Lane, Melbourne CBD.  Victoria Australia

The best coffee and cafes are found in the lane-ways of Melbourne, Australia. (Hardware Lane at Lunchtime) Melbourne laneways.

Barron Falls, Queensland, Australia

Barron Falls Barron Falls is where the Barron River makes its descent from the Atherton Tablelands to the Cairns coastal plain, in Queensland, Australia.

Garvan Institute in Sydney, Australia

Amazing Spiral Staircase at Garvan Institute in Sydney. This amazing spiral staircase is located at the Garvan Institute in Sydney, Australia. It is five stories high and makes your head spin about revolutions.

The Big Boxing Crocodile, Humpty Doo, Australia

The Big Boxing Crocodile, Wyndham, WA - Photo by Tony Bowden


Details of the Mosaic Angel sculpture. In Melbourne, outdoor sculpture represents an expression of the local love for ideas and the traditional Aussie wit.

Bathing boxes - Brighton Beach - ★★★

Bathing boxes line the beach at Brighton, Victoria, Australia (© J C Mitchell/Getty Images)(Bing Canada)