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there is a card that says hello with flowers and potted plants on the table
Nature Cards
Art Impressions Blog: Nature Cards
a card with blue flowers in a white vase
a card with three bunnies sitting in flowerpots on top of each other
a card with orange flowers on it and the words spring written in cursive writing
Watercolor Weekend Roundup 3-2-2022
Art Impressions Blog: Watercolor Weekend Roundup 3-2-2022
a close up of a card with a bird on it
two cards with watercolor paintings on them
Fusion Card Challenge
Karen Day Creations
a close up of a greeting card with flowers and a bicycle on the front side
three pictures of houses painted on glass with birds flying over the water in the background
a card with flowers and a house on it
a watercolor painting of a dog and puppy sitting on a bench next to flowers
a card with two watering cans and flowers on it, sitting next to a wreath
a card with an image of a cat sitting on a bench in front of a stone wall