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Insomnia series continues - Journal - paula kovarik

pearl-nautilus: “ Insomnia Paula Kovarik, 2013 Insomnia series continues - Journal - paula kovarik See the Roman numerals so steadfastly in the correct places as chaotic thought swirls all around.

Juan Gatti – Botany and Anatomy Entwined

The hugely talented and successful Juan Gatti, grabbed Patternbank's attention with these staggering Anatomical/Botanical studies. The renowned graphic des

ekaterina panikanova

Book Paintings Ekaterina Panikanova via Colossal Artist Ekaterina Panikanova uses old books and other documents as a canvas for some seriously unbelievable paintings. They're almost collages, really. See more over at Colossal.

White paper cut out trees/forest. On 7'x4'Panels. 8th graders did this.

White paper cut out trees/forest. On graders did this. Fifth-graders Meredith Connor and Annabel Huber admire “Arboretum,” created by Waynflete School eighth-graders and hanging in the school’s Art Gallery. Courtesy of Waynflete School, Portland, Oregon