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No-Bake Cherry Ripe Balls - Bake Play Smile

Perfectly delicious no-bake Thermomix Cherry Ripe Balls made from condensed milk, coconut, glace cherries and chocolate! These are the easiest little bites ever.

RUM BALLS 1 x 250 g packet Milk Arrowroot biscuits, crushed 1 x 395 g can condensed milk 1 cup coconut 1⁄4 cup cocoa 11⁄2 tablespoons rum, or to taste Extra coconut for rolling

Easy No-Bake Chocolate and Condensed Milk Truffles. The recipe calls for plain, vanilla-scented "Marie Biscuits" but French-style Petit Beurre are pretty much the same thing. In the US, Vanilla Wafers (Chocolate Party Condensed Milk)