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a vase filled with lots of purple flowers
Not crazy about the shape here, and would definitely add white flowers and tone down that bright pink and bright purple (I prefer a much more muted purple like the kind that is on a lavender spray). But the other tones here are pretty and I like the berries. Main edit is I would add white flowers, a few more tall wildflowers for height/variety of shape, and remove the purple anemones and add a bit more of the blue toned greenery.
a purple and white flower with green leaves
Heirloom Dahlia Bulbs
“Dwee doo” is easy to grow and loaded with 4-6 inch flowers of royal purple tipped with white for an effect that’s surprisingly elegant. Albert, the beloved “people’s king” of Belgium, died in 1934, hence its decidedly antique name: “Mourning for King Albert.” Re-introduced by us in 2002 from the UK National Collection.
a bride holding a bouquet of purple and blue flowers on her wedding day in front of a mirror
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the bride's bouquet has purple flowers and lavenders on it, along with greenery
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I like the idea of different shades of purple that aren't too dark. This combination is pretty but is too purple. I would want the pink/white added in.
a bunch of flowers that are in the air
Beautiful DIY Floral Designs
a bride holding a bouquet of flowers in her hands and wearing a wedding dress with an embellishment on it
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Purple wedding bouquet inspiration
a woman in a white dress holding a bouquet of pink and purple flowers on her wedding day
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