Breeze Block House, NSW - Architect Prineas

I have a crush on breeze blocks with vertical cladding. Breeze Block House, NSW - Architect Prineas- I want to build this in our new home- backyard.

Black, white, and a grid of ventilation bricks.

Sydney-based Architect Prineas has redesigned Breeze Block House turning it into a modern and open house. The Breeze Block House was .

Planters for entrance (would rather they be Terracotta) but I like the look!

Avalon Tapered Planter LARGE Modern DWR Design Within Reach Garden Outdoor NEW

“Breezeblock screen walls (also known as cobogo screens) are an amazing remnant of mid-century design that are thankfully enjoying a renaissance amongst…”

modern white breeze block

°°Nouveau look pour une terrasse à Marseille°°

Iraqi reed houses. "They made columns from the thick, giant rushes and gather 30-40 of them together to make pillars, and interweave them for a skeleton frame. They added reed mats, and even the decoration on the front of the homes is fancy lattice work made of the reeds. There's no glass, no nails, no wood." Even the islands the houses rest on are made of compacted mud and rushes.

The Floating Basket Homes of Iraq. Found in wetlands in Southern Iraq where people were known as the Ma’dan or ‘Arabs of the marsh’.

Naranga Avenue House by James Russell Architects (via Lunchbox Architect)

Brick Houses

Architect James Russell just won the 2016 Houses Award for ‘New House under 200 square metres’ for this breezy, sunlit home. Photographed by Toby Scott.

Check out the latest 400 sf "Breeze Block Bungalow" ADU (accessory dwelling…

Check out the latest 400 sf "Breeze Block Bungalow" ADU (accessory dwelling…