Science Cookies

Chem Class Baking

These awesome Geek Cookie Cutters speak to the Scientific part of my brain, while the mere mention of cooking related gadgets makes me swoon. Labcutter Science Cookie Cutters Now you can make your own Scienti

R2D2 heels

DIY R2D2 heels: How geeky are you?

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the winner of Star Wars item of the week: shoes for ladies. These beauties, featuring clinging to their heels and a blinking f.

The Controller Bracelet is Perfect for Girly Gamers

gamer jewelry - Gaming women of the world are going to love sifting through all of these geeky pieces of gamer jewelry. Gamer jewelry is currently next to impossib.

These DIY LEGO Headphones Brings Playfulness to Music

Building Block Headphones

USB tulips

30 Silly Office Supplies Guaranteed to Make You Smile -- USB Tulip Hub

The Pacman Swimsuit

Ever since video games were invented, clothes like these penetrated the fashion world, appealing to customers who had an urge to wear clothes with their favorite game characters. This is… Continue reading "Hot Asian Model wearing a PacMan Swimsuit"

These Superman Cape Cufflinks Will Make You Dapper & Geeky

Formal Crime Fighting Accessories

just lovely

Spiffy LEGO Accessories

geeky DIY projects - Nerds need love this Valentine’s Day too, and what better way to show that than with some geeky DIY projects? There’s a DIY project he.

The Black Milk Game Boy Swimsuit is All About Nostalgia and Pop Culture

Gray Retro Gamer Game Boy Swimsuit Bodysuit One-piece Bathing Suit Size 8 (M) off retail

Everybody can be a wolverine !

DIY Comic Hero Costumes

Mr. Android Really is One Massively Geeky Looking Guy

Mr Android 2011 - Android users are going to have something to say about Mr. Android 2011 is a composite image of what the typical Android user loo.