Choosing Compassion over Cruelty

There is no reason at all in modern times to farm "Animals" for fur! These places need to be shut down.

Animals Australia

Animals Australia works to protect the most vulnerable and abused animals in our society. Join us to help end factory farming & protect ALL animals from cruelty.

Raw Chocolate Truffles

Raw Chocolate Truffles Ingredients cup pitted dates cup lightly salted roasted almonds tablespoon cocoa powder tablespoon honey teaspoon ground cinnamon cup rolled oats *Additional cocoa powder for rolling

Breast Cancer Network Australia

Please show your support for Hair Razors - (Sunshine Coast HR Team - Blue Care)'s cause by giving through their Supporter page and sharing to spread the word about Breast Cancer Network Australia

Sea Shepherd Australia

Sea Shepherd Australia

Sea Shepherd.

Sea Shepherd.

Cove Guardians in Taiji.

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Nederland - Opening Sea Shepherd Global HQ en Store in Amsterdam

The Animal Rescue Site click every day - it's free and sponsors donate!

The Animal Rescue Site- ur purchase buys food for the animals.