Microwave Tim Tam & Milo Fudge

Microwave Tim Tam & Milo Fudge - Conventional Method

Microwave Tim Tam & Milo Fudge - ready in no time at all! This is the perfect Australia Day treat!

This Australia Day cake is super easy to create, only takes ten minutes to decorate and uses a delicious store bought cake from Woolworths. When I think about iconic Australian sweets, you can’t go past lamingtons, Tim Tams and the Caramello Koala, so I have incorporated all of those into this cake. Here’s how to …

Australia Day cake- Lamington cake from Woolworths, 16 Tim Tams pkts) and Caramello Koala

Australia Day Spinach Damper Dip, Australia Day Party

Obviously this isn't wildlife but it's still Australia so that's good enough to add in our Party Foods. What a great idea to add dips in!

Koala biscuits would make a great treat for Australia Day, and I have created an easy no bake recipe, so they can be made with very little fuss. They are quick and easy, and would be the perfect boredom buster for the kids these school holidays. You can decorate cupcakes in exactly the same way, so have fun. Here’s …

Koala biscuits would make a great treat for Australia Day, and I have…

Donna Hay's Lamington Slice - makes me feel homesick!

Donna Hay's Lamington Slice

Cherry Ripe Balls Recipe - Best Cherry Ripe Balls Youll Ever Taste!

Cherry Ripe Balls Recipe - THE Best Cherry Ripe Balls Ever! This recipe is sooooo worth the effort and expense (of buying cherry ripes). It appears as though the humble rum ball has been knocked down a peg to number 2 on the Christmas favourites list!

Pavlova Aussie jelly

Jelly Pavlova by Fig and Cherry. Australia Day dessert that is quick and easy…

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