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a man sitting on the floor with a box of food in his lap looking down
Forklift Jobs
Pacific Ethnography: Anthropology & Design
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Anthropology Inc.
Ethnographic marketing research trending up. Apparently Microsoft is second largest employer of anthropologists #consumerculture
the key works in social history are shown on this poster, which includes several different types of
Key Works in Sociology follow this link to find a larger image: [click on this image to find a short video and analysis on the purpose of theory in sociology] via @Lori Bearden Bearden Fowler Soc
a diagram showing the different types of business and community lifecycles for each individual
Ulster University
Thinking about "Living Labs" as an interesting model for #socialinnovation and #valuecocreation
a sign that says pick - up finds responds to pick an option and explain why
Split testing, optimization, and instant consumer research | PickFu
Easy way for market researchers to get fast impressions
the town project logo on a blue background
The Tobin Project
The Tobin Project page
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Tobin Project Coordinates ‘Transformative Research’ by Scholars and Policy Makers
Tobin project coordinates Transformative Research by scholars and policy makers
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Top 10 Ethnographic Research Videos
Top 10 Ethnographic Research Videos
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Contellation of fields that ReD draws upon to 'do' applied business anthropology with its clients
the words navigating in a fog over an ocean
Navigating in a fog - The sense making sessions | ReD Associates
Navigating in a Fog by ReD Associates
a group of people standing around a table with food
Anthropology Inc.
Ethnographic marketing research trending up. Apparently Microsoft is second largest employer of anthropologists #consumerculture
the four circles are labeled in different languages, with words on each side and below them
Creative Practice Theory (…What it is, and How it works)
Interesting model trying to integrate practice theory and systems model of creativity
an old newspaper advertisement with the words engaging poverty
Poverty isn't going away anytime soon, but if what's happening at #Baylor University is any indication of what's possible, it may be sooner than you think. (click to read story)
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My favorite pretotype story
Pretotyping: great story re: importance of user experience
a group of people sitting around a wooden table with magazines on the table and papers all over it
Design Kit
Concept Rapid Prototyping - great application of human centered design in a crash course format
an open book with birds flying over it and the title transformative consumer research for personal and collective well - being
Transformative Consumer Research is an exciting movement within Consumer Research that seeks to have a positive impact on human well-being. Also see recent book:
an image of a web page with the words, consumer culture theory and website design
Toto SGP : Keluaran SGP | Togel Singapore | Data SGP Hari Ini
Home of the CCT website.
a woman sitting on the ground next to two buckets filled with food
Undergraduate Degrees: Quinlan School of Business
Fourth Subsistence Marketplaces Conference: Loyola University Chicago. A fantastic conference that brings together poverty researchers from a variety of business domains. I feel privileged to present two studies there later this summer.
a book cover with the words journal of the academy of marketing science written in red
Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science
Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science (JAMS) is a fantastic journal that consistently ranks (within various scholarly studies) in the top 5 marketing journals in the world
the front cover of marketing magazine
Journal of Marketing (JM) is the flagship journal for the field of marketing
the journal of consumer research is shown
Journal of Consumer Research
Journal of Consumer Research (JCR) is the premier international outlet for rigorous (and interesting!) research on consumer behavior and consumption.
the h c d connect logo is shown in white on a gray background, and it has
Design Kit
Check out HCD Connect, network of individuals putting Human-Centered-Design to work on social issues around the world.
two people are talking to each other with speech bubbles above their heads, and one person is holding a clipboard
Design Kit
IDEO is one of my favorite companies and I applaud them for open-sourcing their Human Centered Design (HCD) Principles. I incorporate many of these methods into classroom field assignments and in some of my own ethnographic research
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Field Research as a Tool for Poverty Alleviation
Innovative research for poverty must take into account the local realities and strive for smart, culturally relevant solutions