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Branches of U.S. Government...such a simple diagram I wish my teachers had shown us!

Branches of U.S. Government - Smart Smart Notebook Lesson - Smartboard File Interactive Whiteboard

This 28 page Smartboard lesson will be sure to engage your children as they learn about the three branches of the United States government. The students will learn about the Executive Branch, the Legislative Branch including Congress, the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the Judicial Branch. This flipchart lesson includes activity builder activities, links to outside videos and games, as well as nine pages of voting for your students. for smartboards.

making a law freebie

making a law freebie

happy saturday! I just got in from running trying to keep up with a wonderful group from my school and to celebrate, I am going to share with you the role play my third graders played on friday. it include: directions the writing sheet for students to turn their idea into a bill the signs for the branches of government for the role play. it was a BLAST and a great review of how an idea becomes a bill and might become a law. come on over to see it in action!

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Federation: Before 1901 Australia did not exist as a nation. It was a collection of six British colonies which were partly self-governing, but under the law-making power of the British Parliament.

The federation of Australia - Parliamentary Education Office

Australia's federation came about through a process of deliberation, consultation and debate. This in-depth paper explores the reasons for federation, the federation conventions and the referendums in which the Australian people decided to join together as a nation.