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12 Crimes tthat Justin Bieber has Committed AH! starts to log off then sees something about Justin.

Awww lol ---> I remember this was at Radio Disney haha

Honestly, I support him. I donโ€™t think his music is the best, but I think peopleโ€™s hatred for him is exaggerated and unjustified.

Justin bieber

Pattie: Hi, Justin Justin: Hi Pattie: What are you going out to do? Pattie: shovel what? Justin: Snow Pattie: and you're gonna do a good job aren't, ya? Justin: uh huh This is literally the hardest ive cried all week๐Ÿ˜ช

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I think about what if Justin walks in my class right now what would I do<---or if Justin Timberlake walking into where I work<----I read it as Justin Laboy