Freshwater House in Australia Features Vivid Detailing

Freshwater House in Australia Features Vivid Detailing

Residential Architecture: Freshwater House by Chenchow Little: “.The Freshwater House developed the idea of the operable façade to mediate between the requirements for privacy and shading on a relatively public site adjacent to the beach.


A site of an Atsushi Igarashi architecture design dealing with a building, a design around Saromacho, Hokkaido, Sapporo-shi.

Curtain Wall House - Tokyo, Japan, 1995

14 Awesome Buildings By Architecture's New Superstar

Congratulations to Shigeru Ban for winning the 2014 Pritzker Architecture Prize. Photo by Hiroyuki Hirai. Courtesy of Shigeru Ban Architects.

Jun Igarashi_Wind Circle

Jun Igarashi - Wind Circle, a community center, Hokkaido


Jun Igarashi Architects|Works:Void of Rectangular Solid