A productive urban garden with a tropical feel. Photography: Claire Takacs | Story: Australian House & Garden

Ripe For The Picking: A Productive Urban Garden

Horticulturist Hendrik Van Leeuwen’s garden is a shining example of a productive urban garden and shows how we could make better use of our backyards.

Not a tree house but you need a tree

"Over water hammock. Can I live here?" This is really cool, but my question is this: how on earth do you get on it? and how in the world do you keep the pillows from falling into the water?

Heliconias & Xanadu, Tiger Grass background

Urban oasis: Family-friendly garden makeover

Heliconias & Xanadu, Tiger Grass background

Paola Lenti

The great outdoors

Bamboo palm Get detailed growing information on this plant and hundreds more in BHG's Plant Encyclopedia.

Bamboo Palm - low to indirect bright light; warm conditions moderately dry soil (allow top of soil to dry between waterings); non-toxic to pets