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a whiteboard drawing with words on it
Create a Mind Map: Learn How to Mind Map from this Colorful Mind Map Example! — Art is Fun
a mind map with many different things in the area and words written on each side
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10 things you NEED to include in your Language Journal (for maximum memory!) - Cultured Simplicity
a drawing of a light bulb with the words innovative, life and science drawn on it
Mind Map Art
Mind Map Art: Showcasing the World's Finest Mind Maps
an open book with drawings and words on the pages that describe what things are in mind maps
Art Tip #3 - How to Mind Map — Jenny's Sketchbook
Jenny's Sketchbook: Art Tip #3 - How to Mind Map
an image of a drawing with many things in the background and words written all over it
De-Clutter Mind Map
The De-Clutter mind map created by Paul Foreman will help you to reduce clutter, improve your environment and your health. There is a freeing and rewarding sense of positive achievement when you start to clear your clutter. To read the full Blog Post visit the IQ Matrix Blog at the link below. This Mind Map breaks down ideas for De-Cluttering and will inspire you to experience the benefits first hand.
a black and white poster with some writing on it
Clare Willcocks
Sketchnote by Clare Willcocks "Inspiration Crisis"
a drawing with many different words and phrases on it, including the word creativity written in various
Visual summary of chapter 3 of Todd Henry's The Accidental Creative: How to be Brilliant at a Moment's Notice.
an old camera roll is laying on top of some newspaper with the word canon printed on it
Mind mapping with maturity Year 12
the collage is made up of many different things
Vision Board Ideas that Work (And How To Make A Vision Board) - LifeHack
8+Ideas+To+Create+Your+Own+Vision+Board 8+Ideas+To+Create+Your+Own+Vision+Board
an art piece with many different colors and designs on it, including clouds and rain drops
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Love this; must doodle Creative mind map. graphic art.:
an open book with circles and bubbles on the cover, sitting on top of a table
Can't Resist This
By Pat Pitingolo... "I used a white crayon to create a resist around the circles and lines, then filled in the shapes with watercolor and gouache."
an art project with words and pictures on it
My Creative Process Mind Map
Creative Process Mind Map
an abstract painting with lots of writing on it
How to Make a Mind Map: Creative Examples for High School Art Students
Drawing a mind map over blurred and running watercolour forms can result in an exciting abstracted diagram. As mentioned in the above example, colours that link in with the subject matter should be chosen (muted, softer colours are usually more appropriate than psychedelic pinks and greens, for example).