I would love to see me modern adaptation of this.

forged-by-fantasy: Ragnar Lothbrok is a restless young warrior and family man who longs to find and conquer new lands across the sea and cl.

Vikings.... returns Feb 19!....History channel..872

Ragnar Lothbrok is portrayed by Travis Fimmel in the TV series Vikings, and one of the traits of the character Ragnar Lothbrok is his hair and haircut. Ragnar Lothbrok has long hair cut in an undercut

It was only a matter of time before another variation of the man bun popped up. First we had the undercut bun aka the top knot and now we have something completely new: The French ‘Man Braid’. This surprising new trend actually looks really cool – if you can pull it off. Guys that have …

The Man Bun Braids: A Surprising New Men's Hair Trend

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Divine Judgment

- a man bun. There are a lot of variations you can have in a man bun. Some of the man bun hairstyles are mentioned below. Make sure you have a look at beautiful examples of man bun hairstyles at the end.