Thermomix - Secrets to Beautiful Cinnamon Rolls

Secrets to Beautiful Cinnamon Rolls.who doesn't want beautiful cinnamon rolls?

Quirky Cooking: Sweet 'n' Salty Nuts

Sweet 'n' Salty Nuts - Quirky Cooking

healthy anzac biscuits  Ingredients :  1 cup almond meal ( whizz almonds in the thermomix to make your own)  1 cup rolled oats   1 cup coconut shredded   1/2 cup rapadura sugar  1t cinnamon   1/4 cup coconut oil  2T apple juice concentrate   1/2t bicarb soda  1T water

makes 18 biscuits, add extra tbs coconut oil and used raw sugar (could use less sugar) Really Healthy ANZAC Biccies - Natural New Age Mum

Strawberry Cake - ThermOMG

Strawberry Cake

Strawberry Cake - ThermOMG using whole strawberry!

Recipes | Raw Cacao Bites | Louise Fulton Keats

Recipe Raw cacao bites by Louise Fulton Keats - Recipe of category Baby food

Recipes | Passionfruit Banana Sorbet | Louise Fulton Keats

Recipes | Passionfruit Banana Sorbet | Louise Fulton Keats

Thermomix superfood bars

Superfood Lara Bars with Goji Berries and Cacao Beans (TM)