If we got another dog it would definitely be another Australian kelpie just like Harlee!

Very close to our Kelpie SHAY! He loves to run in big circles at the park no sheep just me as the target! Love him xxx

Kelpie puppy- I think my heart just skipped a beat!!!

Kelpie puppy- I think my heart just skipped a beat…

It's a Kelpie thing

It's a Kelpie thing - my Dad had a dog who use to be just as comical

Australian Kelpie

If you want to work more effectively, put a picture of your pet on your desk!

Australian Kelpie photo | Australian Kelpies are generally a quite hardy breed, but do have some ...

Detailed Information on the Australian Kelpie , from health to temperament you will find the information you need.

australian kelpie

australian kelpie (this looks like Maggie - the kelpie puppy we know - great dog!

9.4.15 - Beautiful Eyes10

Sonnie, the Dogs page winner in issue 82 of the R. Is it gorgeous. I love the Blue eyes

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