Claire Gillam
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Artist Ji Lee created a series of “words as images”, where a descriptive image of a word is created only using the letters in the word itself. There is only one rule: Use only the graphic elements of the letters without adding outside elements.

Aesthetic Grunge, Chloe Price, Raven Queen, Punisher, Hades, Chara, Assassin, Anastasia, Aesthetics, Draw, Heels, Greek Underworld, The Punisher

The Knight, Fairytale, Queen, Armour, Mythology, Aesthetics, Oc, Warrior Women, Queens, Princesses, Armors, Sun, Beds, Fairy Tail, Body Armor, Show Queen, Fairytail, Adventure, Personal Armor, Fairy Tales

Please Consider, Night Vale, Stranger Things, Bitter, Caption, Drawing Ideas, Chill, Weird, Jay

Bo Burnham, Hannibal Series, Grayson Dolan, Dazai Osamu, Jessica Jones, Jason Todd, Punisher, Bucky Barnes, Raven, Crow, The Punisher, The Crow

Matthew 2, Dating Sim, Lady Knight, Gold Glitter, Rose Gold, Thor, Ethereal, Champion, Mosaics, Coffer, Mosaic, Ox

joomju: “coelasquid: “beckyisawrecky: “sourcedumal: “roachpatrol: “jasonrainville: “The Bather Tried for a twist on the classic art history trope of the bather :) ” wow this is SO GOOD ” I thought this was Aveline at first ” I’ve never heard anything.