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Bill Henson - photographer Chiaroscuro in documentary photography Horror Photography, Fine Art Photography, Artistic Photography, Chiaroscuro, Dark Images, Photographs Of People, Portraits, Documentary Photography, Art Model

Bill Henson Untitled #7, 2008-09; CL SH653 N34C; archival inkjet pigment print; 127 x 180 cm; Edition of 5 + AP 2

Bill Henson Untitled CL Type C photograph; Edition of 5 + AP 2 Artistic Photography, Art Photography, Gothic Stories, Strange Family, Dark Landscape, Tartarus, Trojan War, Crimson Peak, Night Circus

Bill Henson Untitled #7, 2007-08; CL SH586 N34; Type C photograph; 127 x 180 cm; Edition of 5 + AP 2

Bill Henson “the ambiguity between day and night, nature and civilisation, youth and adulthood, male and female. Narrative Photography, Art Photography, Cool Photos, Beautiful Pictures, The V&a, Australian Art, Chiaroscuro, Contemporary Photography, Victoria And Albert Museum

Goat Town, the bush and Bill Henson

In preparing for this production I’m working with an exceptionally talented third year design student from the college. We are using the work of Australian artist Bill Henson as the starting …

Photograph of a train by Bill Henson, Untitled

Photographs by Bill Henson

Bill Henson has returned consistently to the orchestration of available light, and in particular of twilight, using it to create a kind of modern mythology. The quiet melodrama of Henson's photographs, and in particular his handling of light to create a transcendent effect, suggests a contemporary reworking of the Sublime.

Bill Henson - The Design Files Bad Picture, The Design Files, Blurred Background, Australian Art, Chiaroscuro, Contemporary Photography, Photo Colour, Color Photography, Landscape

Bill Henson

Bill Henson's work is quite beautiful, poetic and intimate. He is able to capture a moment, with either models or with nature, that has a feeling that you are witnessing something special. I believe his work is based around recalling the feelings from his memories of times past and i think that is clear in these shots shown above. I am a fan of all Bill Henson's work. I think he has 'the eye'.

“Henson presents adolescents in their states of despair, intoxication and immature ribaldry”. World Of Darkness, Dark Backgrounds, Urban Landscape, Color Photography, Love Art, Ethereal, Dark Side, Surrealism, Northern Lights

Bill Henson Untitled #83, 2000-01; CL SH452 N0A; type C photograph; 127 x 180 cm; Edition of 5 + AP 2

Bill Henson, landscapes at night are evocative Deep Ecology, Appropriation Art, Dark Landscape, Edward Steichen, Art Object, Paper Size, Night Life, Carpe Noctem, Bloodborne

Bill Henson Untitled #94, 2001-02; CL SH456 N15; Type C photograph; 127 x 180 cm; (paper size); Edition of 5 + AP 2