bill henson

Untitled 1998 I love these night scenes from Bill Henson.night/evening is the best time for a wander

Bill Henson “the ambiguity between day and night, nature and civilisation, youth and adulthood, male and female.”

Goat Town, the bush and Bill Henson

bill henson - untitled #43, 1996/1997

bill henson - untitled #43, 1996/1997

Bill Henson

Bill Henson, Untitled type C photograph, Photo Courtesy of the artist and Roslyn Gallery, Sydney, Australia

Untitled #83

Bill Henson is my favourite artist for ever and ever and ever.

Bill Henson

king-queen-knave: “ “ A Merthur Fanmix - listen ” “ i. In My Veins - Andrew Belle.

Untitled #94

Bill Henson, landscapes at night are evocative