Private John Sidney Diamond, 6th Battalion, sitting on a camel in front of the Sphinx at Giza. He enlisted with 6th Battalion AIF on 17 August 1914. He was awarded a Distinguished Conduct Medal for displaying 'great courage' during the landing on the Gallipoli Peninsula on 25-26 April 1915, in which he assisted in the halt of a retirement and led his unit forward under heavy fire. After the Gallipoli campaign, Diamond was commissioned and subsequently served on the Western Front.

Private John Sidney Diamond, Battalion, sitting on a camel in front of the Sphinx at Giza.

Australian Camel Corps at Sharia near Beersheba, December 1917

World War One (part 2)

Australian Camel Corps going into action at Sharia near Beersheba, in December of The Colonel and many of these men were killed an hour or so afterward. (Australian official photographs/State Library of New South Wales)

Photographer: Frank HurleyYear: UnknownLocation: Jaffa, PalestineDescription: An Australian soldier watches the transport ships off the coast near the Rocks of Andromeda in Jaffa, Palestine.Source: Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales

WWI The Rocks of Andromeda, Jaffa, and transports laden with war supplies headed out to sea in This image was taken using the Paget process, an early experiment in color photography. (Frank Hurley/State Library of New South Wales)

Artwork by Mr Gary Kinkade

The Australian Naval and Military Expeditionary Force - First to Fight, 1914

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