Donna Clark
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REAL MEALS: Rice Paper Rolls

Rice Paper Rolls (sorry. photo reminiscent of the skinless chicken sausages) We haven& had Rice Paper Rolls for a while.

REAL MEALS: Pear & Vanilla Jam

Real Meals: Pear & Vanilla Jam, kinda reminds me of honey but not as sweet or runny (failsafe site)

REAL MEALS: Pretzels

Big doughy pretzels Skinnier ones using half dough portions.

REAL MEALS: Fruit & Custard Pillows

Pear and Custard Pillows This one has been doing the rounds, it seems. This is my little adaption. fruit and pastry is not enough.

Domestic Diva: Beetroot Jelly Cups

Domestic Diva: Jelly Cups using beetroot (moderate salicylates) to colour it.