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Heather chandler

Heather chandler

Please repin HELP Maywood is in Illinois so if you live there be AWARE!>> pin>>>>rep in guys

His mother and her boyfriend beat him to death, stuffed him in a backpack & threw him in the river. They destroyed evidence and made up the kidnapping story.

Going against my rule of never pinning grammatically incorrect pins just for this one. She IS beauty!

A reminder to be thankful for everything that you have! Honestly it's whats inside that count! Beauty shines through from the inside, and that's what people like about you, not what is on the outside. Sending prayers to this lovely girl

Aww this was quite a while ago so if not found Idk If she is alive! If she is found that is very good! Just wanted to repost in love ❤️

Was found deceased :( see other post with different pictur for Willow on my missing persons found board for details. so sad.Pin this on your most popular board

This monster should be behind bars..instead we are allowing him to drive the entire country off a damn cliff!

And what scares me is that people knew about trump raping people and stuck with him. I️ will never trust anyone who supports trump.

Please repin ❤️ for her she was amazing!!! We will always remember her <3

Was she bullied or did she have depression? If I knew who she was I would have helped her. This is so sad. She was beautiful if she was still alive she would still beautiful.