The Australian Coat-Of-Arms depicting a kangaroo and an emu because neither can move backwards!

"Golden Wattle, a species of Acacia, is Australia’s national flower and official floral emblem, appearing on the Australian coat of arms" - The Australian Federal Government

The Australian Flag comprised of the "Union Jack", the "Southern Cross", and the "Commonwealth Star", with seven points signifying each of the six states plus one point for the territories.

- The Australian Flag comprised of the British Union Jack (was a colony), the star constellation we live under, "the southern cross", and the Commonwealth Star a point for each of the states and territories.

Adelaide capital of South Australia

We enjoy life and do great work. Our client base now includes young, innovative companies as well as global brands, charities and government agencies.

Darwin capital of Northern Territory

AUSTRALIANS in all capital cities are working hard to get by but the people of Darwin are working harder.

Brisbane capital of Queensland

BIS Shrapnel have forecast up to price growth over the next three years – 2015 to 2017 – for the Brisbane region. Most of this is expected to take place during fiscal 2015 &

parliament house perth - Google Search

parliament house perth - Google Search