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a young child dressed as a doll with white makeup and hair in the shape of a ghost
Mummy May I? A Halloween Costume Experience
DIY Mummy Costume -- I'm going to attempt this for my oldest this year! He wants to be a mummy! Great tips!
a woman is sewing clothes on a table
How to Make a T-Shirt Look Like a Zombie Costume | ehow.com
How to Make a T-Shirt Look Like a Zombie Costume | eHow
a little boy dressed up as a planter and wearing a green costume with a helmet
Plants vs. Zombies Costumes - Photo 5/5
Peashooter, Plants vs. Zombies Costumes
a pink bowl with silver foil covering it
Plants vs Zombies Chomper Costume
Plants vs Zombies Chomper Zombie Costume DIY Tutorial-005
a young boy dressed up in a suit and tie with makeup painted on his face
Zombie Apocalypse - Family Halloween Costume - Photo 6/8
Tamra: Every year we love coordinating our family costumes, and the ideas always come from the kids. This yearthey wanted to be the Zombie Family. I have to say I wasn't...