Alias <3

One of my favorite people. Fell in love with him during Never been kissed! Going to have to have a serious Michael Vaughn marathon!


Some pictures of the Alias TV series, starring the beautiful Jennifer Garner, aka Sydney Bristow. All the Alias photo galleries are here. Alias cast group picture: The Alias Rambaldi Artifact DVD Box Set:


Because, in my fantastic alternate life, I would be just as cool as Sydney Bristow.<-- nah, you can just have an alias like her in this one ;

Sydney and Vaughn (Jennifer Garner and Michael Vartan), Alias

The Best TV Couples of All Time: Ricky and Lucy (Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball), I Love Lucy

Sydney and Vaughn (Jennifer Garner and Michael Vartan), Alias Dating is hard enough. But the bright side for us common folk is that we don't have to worry about espionage groups keeping us apart, not…


''Alias''' Sydney and Vaughn are a hot TV couple


Alias - The many faces of Agent Sydney Bristow (Jennifer Garner)


The unwitting employee of Part of a family, super-spy legacy. Master agent with many an alias on a twisted road of intrigue- Sydney Bristow


Sydney Bristow and Michael Vaughn: I'm still an Alias fangirl all these years later

Alias (Jennifer Garner & Michael Vartan)

BEST first kiss! Alias: Michael Vaughn & Sydney Bristow (Michael Vartan & Jennifer Garner) Season Ep Phase One