This is probably the most beautiful wedding photo I've ever seen

The Traditional Lighting of the Nuptial Sacrifice Pyre

morning coffee

Justine and Ian's First Home Together

We love spending quality time cooking together. We really enjoy making healthy food to feed each other, our families and our friends. :)

*:) Cooking with honey: The sweet Let Me Help You in the Kitchen Honey kiss IsaRtfulfairytale

16 Ways to Be a Better Kisser

Hawk was right about having a summer home, huh?" "It's beautiful, Beau. So much light." "I was just thinking.Hawk is right down the road. Charles is a couple hours away, and Mulcahy is moving to the next town ove

I really want to wrap my arms around you and bury my face into your skin, smell you, and kiss you and just hold on for a while.

I want to be able to trust someone so much that I can fall asleep on him and know that he'll keep me safe

Love Is Life's Master Key — dixie-daydreamer: That light brush across her.